What a year 2013, has been. I have not been well personally, so being at home , I discussed with Agnes, what else I could do to help SOS. And I volunteered to send out the head office allocation of boxes.


On an average month, I send about 300 boxes. But in November for the Christmas boxes this increased to 1740! A daunting number when you start, but when you set up your routine of making up the box and packing, labelling this soon flies by. Trying to get support from the local community, through the local newspaper and radio, is always a great way to let EVERYONE know about SOS. What we do and what support and encouragement we give our service personnel.


The main part of my role I enjoy the best is receiving the blueys in the post. To receive just one of these makes the whole job worthwhile. It is also an added bonus when you receive a picture of the boxes being opened, and the delight on their faces, showing that someone cares.

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