Behind The Wall, Melville Street, Falkirk

Massive thanks to management of Behind The Wall, Melville Street, Falkirk who replied to my appeal on behalf of 2 Scots, my sons regiment. (RHF)

They recently re-vamped their bar area in the community centre but it was looking a bit bare and so I emailed and management at Behind The Wall asked me around and presented me with posters, shot glasses, glass tankards, Jagermeister lanyards, a large ice bucket and carling earphones for the lads and lassies.
Can’t thank them enough, if any of you are in Falkirk not only do they have a lovely bar area downstairs and 2 restaurant areas but upstairs has another bar and eating area with a massive screen where they show rugby or football or some nights they have live music, well worth the visit.
Also thanks to my bosses at Co-operative Funeralcare for allowing to carry on my work with the charity from my office and the van to pick up any goodies that are offered, I couldn’t do without their support.
Many thanks again for all your support.

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