South Pennines letters

Dear Chris,

You recently sent a number of welfare boxes to myself for distribution to my guys at 904 Expeditionary Air Wing. I thought it worthwhile to drop you a quick line to thank you for your efforts in coordinating this special service. Food out here in Afghan is actually quite good,l however it is the extra treats that remind us of home. You take for granted a biscuit or pack of sweets when shopping in the UK but out here it is things like this which are harder to get and often missed. Thanks again for your efforts and it is reassuring to know there are those in the UK who care.

Kind regards,   Warrant Officer ************

Dear Christopher and Grace,

On behalf of the men and women serving in the Theatre Unmanned Air Systems Group, please accept my thanks for the parcel that made its way to us this morning.

It was a pleasure walking into the Operations room this morning to see our soldiers sharing out the contents of one of the parcels. We run a system that distributes the contents to the “point of need” – with a number of foreign and Commonwealth soldiers who get nothing from their families. the pacels that SOS send out put smiles on more faces thsn just my own. As the countdown to the end of this deployment, for both us and all of HM Armed Forces in Afghanistan, it is a huge boost to receive gifts and messages of goodwill from the UK.

Thank you to you and all that you represent. It is most appreciated.

Yours sincerely,  Major ************

Dear Christopher and Grace,

Thank you so much for your girly parcel. The items in the box were really thoughtful and the women in my battery (4 out of 120) shared the contents of 2 of them. As you can imaging, there is not a lot of pink here in Afghanistan. We really appreciate gifts from people back home – moisturiser, face masks, hair bands, body lotions and washes that smell wonderful.

I have 2 weeks left of a long tour. I’m looking forward to spending the summer with my childrenwho want to go camping…but I’ve spent most of the last year in a tent!

Thank you again for your kind thoughts.


Dear Christopher and Grace,

Thank you for the second parcel you have sent to me in Afghanistan. It was a very pleasant surprise in what has been a very long week………………..Thank you again for the parcel and please thank your very generous donors on my behalf. These parcels are a godsend and a very real link to home.

Yours with best wishes,  Major*************************

To Christopher and SOS,

I am writing this to extend my appreciation to you and the charity you so honourably volunteer for.I was delighted to receive your parcel, you definitely crammed a lot in. The Yorkshire Tea “were grand”.

I know from all of those who have received a parcel how much of a morale boost it is. The contents are first class.

Keep up the good work,

Cpl C…………..

To Chris and Grace,

Thank you very much for box of goodies. It was very kind of you. I’m actually coming home fairly soon and your box was a good welcome present for our replacements who really appreciated it a lot after their 20 hour trip to get here…..thanks again for the package. It really boosted my morale receiving it.

All the best,

Cpl A…………..

Hello. Just a quick note to say thank you for all the stuff in the box. You don’t understand the difference it makes to us, knowing that someone cares and is willing to put some stuff aside for us….thank you for all the bits and pieces.

Yours sincerely,

Cpl T…………..

Dear Christopher,

Thank you wholeheartedly for your very kind and well-received parcel, that’s arrived today.  The contents were indeed a taste of home which at times can feel a very long way away……..Thank you for the time you give up to work for Support Our Soldiers. It is immeasurably appreciated by the soldiers over here to know that charities and people like yourself dedicate free time to supporting us.

Please pass on my thanks to your team and your donors.As the operation nears the final chapter, to know people in the UK still think about us is very heart-warming.

Yours with thanks,

Major J………….

Dear Chris and Grace,

Many thanks for the Support Our Soldiers welfare parcel which you posted to Afghanistan. It was very thoughtful of you to remember military personnel serving overseas and your kindness is much appreciated.

The welfare parcel was delivered to the UK MEDICAL GROUP and the contents have been distributed amongst the staff and patients of the hospital at Camp Bastion.

With grateful thanks,

Padre D………………….

Dear Chris and Grace,

Thank you so much for the welfare package. I’ve shared the box out with my section. Love the Lovehearts and my teeth will enjoy a new toothbrush. Need more people like you in this world!!!  BIG LOVE, Clair

Hello. Thank you for the package. I think it made everyone’s day. Especially the tampons – they’re great for nosebleeds!!   Much love, Sam

Howdy. This has put a smile on all our faces today. I’ve personally been entrusted with the tampons (I’m a 19 year old male) as I’m overly prone to nosebleeds.  Merci, Jesse

Hi. Just a message of thanks. The box arrived at a particularly good time as it’s snowing – more snow than the UK this/last year. Wanted to let everyone know how grateful we are and how much of a morale boost this has been. It also reminds us that people are behind us.  Thanks again, Jimmy

Hello. I wholeheartedly echo the thanks the guys have written – it certainly picked us up today (even if certain things may not be used as you intended.)  Harry X

LCpl T………..

Dear Christopher,

I am writing a quick note to express my sincere gratitude for the box of “goodies” you sent out on behalf of Support Our Soldiers. The parcel was “spot-on” and I have shared it amongst my colleagues on ITU. Whilst I am sure you probably feel that you have just done a “small favour”, please be assured that it has been very much appreciated. Your support does much to add to morale here within the hospital, and to know that folk back home go out of their way to support us, means a huge amount – Thank you.   Major J………

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