Dear Penny,

My name is T*** and I am the head chef on board HMS CHIDDINGFOLD. We are a mine hunter with a crew of 46.

I am writing to you to thank you for the “Shoe box of Love” we received today. The boxes are very much appreciated at any time as it’s like receiving a little piece of home, at times when we are in a dark place. We are 6 weeks into our 7 month deployment and get back to the UK in September. Please keep the boxes coming as they are very very much appreciated. It’s really pleasing to hear your dog is on the mend of which will be a relief to you I’m sure. If I could be so bold to ask you for anything that we miss it would be ground coffee. Can I thank you one last time to you and your group for all the support you give to the forces in and out of operational theatre.

On behalf of the ships company and specifically the senior rates mess I will you all the very best.

Kind regards




Thank you so much for the parcel you sent to the Joint Operations Centre in the Falklands. We really appreciate the effort you went to putting it together. Sitting here having eaten most of the packet of fruit gums I feel I should write you a quick note to express my personal thanks.

All of us our counting ourselves quite lucky as we are here during the Falklands summer. I should be back just in time for the UK summer! There are a lot of benefits to being down here, I have long since lost count of the number of penguins I have seen and there is plenty of other wildlife as well.

Please pass on my thanks to everyone at Littlehampton Support our Soldiers. I grew up in West Sussex and my parents still have an Optician in Steyning. It is nice to get a parcel from near home.

Trevor and you have a lot of military family history. I was fortunate to visit Italy last year with the Army and having seen some of the battlefields I have a great respect for your fathers’ generation. It must be an interesting story as to how Trevor’s Grandfather, a South African, was awarded an American medal for valour.

Thank you again for the parcel.

Yours R****


Penny, it is with great pleasure I email you today to thank you and your Branch of SOS for your generosity, I received my Happy New Year box this morning and as I look through my office window I can see my juniors getting tucked in to all types of goodies which is fantastic; I have cleverly removed all the nice smelling goodies for myself!!

As you know 6 months away from home is tuff even on us who are senior, especially when it’s over a Christmas and New Year period.  The highlight is always the incoming mail run and to receive a parcel makes it extra special.  You do a fantastic job back in the UK fund raising which is very much appreciated by us all serving all over the world, without people like yourself and your team we as Servicemen would feel isolated, once again a very many thanks to you all.


Warrant Officer S*****


Ma’am/ Penny

Thank you very much for the parcels you have sent out to myself and the other British soldiers deployed on various Operations out here in Somalia.

Your dog Louis sounds like a bundle of energy, i have a 3 year old Dalmatian called Duke back home.

I will try and get a picture of myself and some of the lads with there parcels for your website or just so you can see them being enjoyed.

Thank you again, Support our Soldiers and your own personal efforts make a great difference to our comfort and morale out here. Everyone knows the green parcels are the good ones.

Kind regards,


littlehampton littlehampton1









I hope you are doing well back in UK.  It is very great to see you recognised the job we do out here.  Your support is highly appreciated.

It is every UK citizens responsibility to make our Country a safe place and providing this support to us means you are part of making our Country a safe place.

You would not imagine the amount of morale the parcels you send brings within the teams we operate.  The mood is like you’re there opening your Birthday present and you just find out your Parents have brought you your first car.

Please continue the good Job.

Best Regards

Cpl Joseph ……….


1. Kabul

I write to thank you for the parcels you sent via SOS and to let you know it successfully reached Kabul and the Officers and Soldiers at ISAF headquarters.

It is very much appreciated to know that people at home realize that we are still here and are thinking of us at Christmas.  It is always hard to be away from family, but Christmas is particularly difficult.  If this arrives with an English postmark it is because I asked a Soldier going home on R & R to post it.

Once again thank you. Your parcels hit the mark in terms of being both practical and with a few treats.  Happy New Year and all the best for 2015.

Major —-

(on behalf of several others!!)

2. Falklands

I’m the soldier who received your parcel at Christmas and just wanted to say thank you very much for sending such a nice parcel.  It was great to be able to get a Christmas parcel while I was away in the Falklands for Christmas.

I hope you had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.


GNR H…….

3. HMS Bulwark

I am writing to thank you for that lovely Christmas care package you sent me.  I am sorry for the lateness of this letter but I am a horrible procrastinator and my handwriting is terrible!  My name is M

and I am a Royal Marine based on our nations flagship HMS Bulwark, my specific job is a crewman on a landing craft.

Your package was by far the best out of everyone elses, all the lads were so jealous of me!  It really made my Christmas day enjoyable, I hope yours was good too.

Thanks  again


P.S.  I have enclosed a patch from my unit.



Our deepest thanks to you and everyone who sent us this parcel. On opening this box there was some big smiles on the lads faces and shortly after, many full belly’s.  Here is a little rhyme to show our appreciation.

All the Chocolate put smiles on our faces

It helps us stay happy day after day of tying up our laces,

Sometimes we get bored and our morale is down, but little acts of kindness that people like you show

help us move fast and stay low.

Thank you from ………………. this parcel was “NULLI SECONDUS” (second to none)

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  1. Cpl Russ Purcell March 25, 2017 Reply


    I have been trying to send you photos of us in Christmas Jumpers as promised!!
    Thank you for all the parcels you sent to me and the lads. They all arrived in time for the festivities and were very well received. You support and a touch of home was brilliant during our six months away, we can not thank you enough.

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