Sponsored Walk of Hadrian’s Wall

In June 2013, young William Brummette(15) of London, along with his parents, Donna & Jeff, and  friends undertook a sponsored walk of Hadrian’s Wall principally to kickstart his special project to attain his Eagle Scout Badge (US equivalent of our Queens Scout Badge) to  raise funds for our Christmas Parcel Appeal.  The idea was for William to organise an entire fundraiser and Pack & Wrap Project to deliver 250 Christmas Parcels into ‘theatre’.

This mission was very ably accomplished and this weekend, William received his Eagle Scout Award personally on Omaha Beach in front of  his parents and 5000 visitors from all over the US and Europe.

In addition, William also received the ‘Melinda and Glenn Adams Eagle Scout Award’ for Best Eagle Project in the Mayflower District……a very prestigious award in US Scouting.

!!!Congratulations William!!!!….we are so proud of you and your parents and humbled by your supreme efforts in support of our troops.  Your fundraising exceeded all expectations meaning that, not only did you fund the 250 parcels, but a substantial sum will also be available towards our new SOS Appeal to provide an assistance dog for a disabled veteran.

Click on the link http://flipagram.com/f/DzU2kKsr21 to share in the highlights of William’s weekend.

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