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Hi Sandra,

A huge thank you for all your support.  We received care packages today and you can only imagine the grins as the debated reigned on the best biscuits.The Australian contingent reckoned that Timtams are the winner, but clearly they are just a knockoff Penguin.  The team here only has a small Brit contingent, so there is a large reliance on others for our support.  These packages allow us to pay a little back and also remind us of home.  Your packages have got some airmiles too; Uk to British Embassy Washington, into the US APO system, fly to Tel Aviv and road move to Sinai.  Still they made it and we are very grateful.  I have been in the military for 30 years now and am constantly surprised and gratified by the kindness of strangers.



Dear Sandra,

I am writing to you to say thank you for you continued kindness to us all in Iraq.  I have just opened up one of your boxes and shared the contents with the two UK colleagues that share my office.  We are part of the NATO Mission to Iraq and work closely with various departments of the Iraqi MOD in Baghdad to assist them with Long Term Planning and reform of their Ministry of Defence.

All of us are veterans of previous Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns, and the kindness demonstrated by our fellow citizens, such as you, to complete strangers such as us, is very touching and very much appreciated. We have received boxes such as these in all of these previous deployments, but we never take them for granted.  It is people such as you that confirm our belief in this country of ours, and as a result, you make us very proud.

On behalf of my colleagues, a very big thank you and we all wish you the very best of summer holidays.



Dear Sandra,

I wanted to write to you to thank you for your incredible boxes of treats. I have received a few of them this morning and have already distributed them to the soldiers on Operation NEWCOMBE in Mali.

It’s brilliant to hear of the good weather, picnics and walks as well as your prospective travel plans. Interestingly, all of these things remind us of home and spark nostalgic memories of a summer that we all miss dearly.

I’m sure you know this already, but your deliveries genuinely make the receiving individual overjoyed and once again remind them of home. It’s funny how upon giving someone a box of jaffa cakes their reply was ‘oh my god, I haven’t seen these in 6 months and didn’t realise how much I missed them’! When you’re away, it’s the small things that you miss the most so your work is much appreciated.

I hope you continue to have an enjoyable summer and enjoy whatever plans you eventually settled upon.

Best wishes,



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