I am writing to you on behalf of UK Medical Group to thank you for all the hard work and support you are giving the troops. We are grateful for the items that you have sent out to us.

The stuff you send us boosts morale for the troops and also shows them how much the members of public back home are thinking about them.

Once again we thank for the support you are showing us, this support doesn’t go unrecognised, all the troops are grateful for the items.

LCpl M……..

The parcels you sent went down a treat. We piled them all up like Xmas presents under a tree on Xmas Eve and all of us came down in the morning and opened them. I would just like to say personal thanks for all the parcels and hard work that has gone in to sending us these parcels. Many soldiers who have families abroad do not get the luxury of presents for Christmas so these boxes go a long way to bridging that gap.

Bdr D…..

39 Regiment RA

A big thank you for my wonderful box and all the other fantastic care packages you and your team get out to us. Please rest assured that we are all very grateful. It was so refreshing to receive a box for a female. Nobody ever really remembers us ladies out here.

A Female Soldier

BFPO 798

Good people like you make our work easy because of all the atrocities we get we also receive your parcels. Wish you were here to see the smiles on people’s faces when they get your boxes. It’s amazing. Thank you for all the wonderful stuff you send me and my colleagues. We really appreciate it all. It’s people like you that give us the motivation to keep going when it gets tough.

Private E…..


Thank you for the boxes you have sent they are well received and big morale boost, especially at Christmas. We, all here at WIS Coy, are very grateful for all your love and support. It means a lot that we have the support of kind hearted people like yourself and the generous public.

Al and all the guys

Thank you for putting a smile on my face this Christmas! I’m with Royal Engineers and greatly appreciate the effort you guys have done to make life easier for us over here.

Spr L….

EOD & Search

Thank you so much for the welfare parcels that you have sent for us on this special Christmas occasion. Christmas is gleaming here in Camp Bastion because of your generous help and support for soldiers like us. You have proven “A happy soldier is a good soldier”.

Cpl D….

Camp Leatherneck

We are all extremely grateful for the hard work SOS put into sending us boxes, they are appreciated. I suppose I’m just trying to say thank you from everyone here as I see on a daily basis how happy they make people, so trust me when you are pulling your hair out and wondering “why”, if you could see the smiles it is all worth it!

Cpl C…….

Sig Sqn

The welfare package was a real boost and helped to make our Christmas out here in Afghanistan.

Lt H…..


Today I was kindly given one of your very own welfare SOS boxes. It was full of all the things that I needed so thank you. I really do honour people like you who do remarkable things such as this. Every parcel is opened with joy. Soldiers love receiving parcels and I love to see their faces, it’s a rare joy.

Sgt C……


I wanted to write to say thank for you the lovely boxes that you sent to me and my soldiers this Christmas. It means so much to the soldiers at this family time of year, to be remembered and your gifts really help in making them feel loved and cared for.

Cpt W…..


I would like to say how thankful I am for your package. It was the best package I’d had (and no I don’t say that to everyone!).

Pte W….

UK Med Group

All of the lads were over the moon to receive such gifts over the festive period a so many of them don’t receive anything at all.

Sgt O….

35 Bty

We all look forward to coming home soon but we’ll never forget the support you provide.

L/Bdr K…..



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  1. Brits in Kabul February 19, 2020 Reply

    Support our Soldiers,

    Thank you so much for of our Christmas parcels. We know that a lot of time and effort has gone in to creating the parcels, and we really appreciate the variety of the gifts. The boxes contained a wide range of treats, ranging from biscuits to Iron Bru, all of which was most welcome and what an absolute boost to morale!!!

    We really appreciate all that you do.

    Big thanks from all the Brits in Kabul.

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