2013 has been a year in which I have learned so much about SOS and I feel more confident about what I am doing now! No longer am I concerned about the contents of the parcels that I pack worrying about putting the same things in every parcel with variations, as every soldier is in need of the same things and the extras can vary ;

I think that the AGM was the best experience; I was surprised and pleased with the format which made me feel less nervous about the whole thing;

It was good to put the names to the faces and the feedback and tips from everyone was so helpful although I felt slightly inferior. I shall definitely try and get a few more helpers which should make me more efficient.

The evening was a great idea and we had a great time exchanging ideas and tips. The following day was great; weren’t we lucky with the weather! It was a pity that more of the walkers did not turn up but I hope that we showed those who did how grateful we were.

I was also able to see the merchandise although at the moment I am not able to sell much; hopefully, this will change.

Can I take this opportunity to thank Elaine for her patience with my accountancy, or lack of it! I am trying hard to improve;

One of the wonderful things that comes out of sending the parcels is the wonderful letters and cards that I receive; its good to think that one is giving them a little pleasure in a difficult time; I almost feel guilty that my son has been posted to Germany.

I feel that we are very lucky to have Agnes as our “leader”; I for one, could not have managed without her this last year but will try to be less of a nuisance in the coming year.

I have had so much help from local people and businesses without which I would not have been able to send my parcel allocation and extend my heartfelt thanks to all.

Nickie Philipson Stow

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