From 2009 we’ve set up a new forum area where not only can you add comments as previously, but you can also add photos and chat with friends.

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We’ve a wonderful group of people who post on a regular, almost twenty-four hour basis, and these include mums, dads, wives, girlfriends, grans, grandads, children and siblings of Servicemen and women. Together they share their concerns, their worries, their ups and their downs. And there’s many a smile along the way.

But you don’t have to have a loved one in the services to join us, you just need to be a very proud supporter of our brave boys and girls.

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To keep the Forum as it is – friendly, non-political and non-controversial, there are some basic rules and important information that you need to be aware of. These are detailed below – please do read them carefully!

When you enter the forum you will need to register in the first instance but this is a very simple procedure.  Look forward to seeing you there!

We welcome posts from families or friends with loved ones in the Armed ForcesPolitical comments. We do not permit any kind of political comment. There are other sites where these can be posted - ours is NOT the place to do so.
We also welcome posts from those who
don't have family serving, but who simply
want to say hello!
Arguments. Any thread which, for whatever reason, turns from a discussion into an argument will be removed.
Messages of support to our lads and
lassies are great - they show that people
do care about them and are a wonderful
morale booster
Links to other websites. If you want to post a link to an external website permission MUST be given from the Trustees first. This is simply a matter of courtesy and again, if permission has not been granted the post WILL be removed.
Poems - a good way to express feelings
and much appreciated when shared with
us. There is a special post for these
NO information which could cause a security threat to our Armed Forces. By all means tell us your loved ones first name and regiment if you wish to do so, but NO service numbers, surnames, exact dates for R&R or returning home, and NO flight details
Jokes are also okay, and again there is a
separate category for these but please remember that there are younger family members checking in, so these MUST be restricted to clean ones only!!
Questions - if you need to know more about sending eblueys, posting parcels or other related subject then hopefully we will be able to help
Post when you're feeling down - we do understand as so many of us have been in the same position, but also -
Post when you're up too. DON'T apologise or feel guilty about saying that a loved one is on their way home, or similar good news. It's great to hear this and even those who may still have to wait a little longer will share your happiness with you.

Finally, all posts are checked, and any which are felt to be inapproriate removed. However if you’re upset, offended or concerned by any that have been listed, please email us directly and we will look into this for you.

Thanks for your co-operation, and enjoy your posting!

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