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Received today from 1 Scots:

“Dear Agnes

On behalf of the soldiers of 1 Scots, deployed on Op Gritrock in FOB Kombia, I would like to thank you for the boxes we received. It’s amazing how great Irn Bru tastes after months without it!

Your parcels containing the tastes of home brightened up our otherwise dull festive period over here. Thanks again

Sincerely LCpl O……..   “



“Dear Agnes,
 I am emailing to thank you (and all of SOS) for the parcels that we received from you at Christmas.  We were completely overwhelmed by the generosity of everyone who contributes to the charity and remain extremely grateful for your support during our deployment to Sierra Leone.

 The parcels were distributed to everyone in 22 Fd Hosp, and those other military elements who support us (like the Scots lads who provide security to our accommodation).  We are also supported by the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) and we were able to give them all SOS Christmas parcels.

The Irn Bru went down an absolute treat on Christmas Day, and all the letters and cards from the children were set on the dining table for everyone to read.

I have a collection of addresses to reply to via bluey ………… and  some pictures..


It is so pleasing to hear that the parcels have and continue to  make such a difference and we will continue to support our personnel in SL and wherever our troops remain overseas, AS NOT ALL HAVE RETURNED TO THEIR FAMILIES.

Your donations are so important to assist in continuing to fulfil our objectives and as can be seen, are so deeply appreciated by the recipients.

My thanks also.




To SOS….

Thank you for our Christmas presents from all on HMS Bulwark.

Have a very merry Christmas :0)


Thank you for the care packages.

From all the gangway staff on HMS Bulwark :0)


For the presents this Xmas, made a real difference and put a smile on everyone’s face.


Dear Agnes and the team at SOS,

I would just like to express my thanks on the behalf of the 42 Man Mess currently onboard HMS Portland serving in the South Atlantic. As we have been deployed for nearly 6 months now it was brilliant to get a morale raiser from home that we could all share. Needless to say the IRN-BRU sent to us put smiles on plenty faces and even cured a few hangovers! Thank you very much once again for what you done for us and what you constantly do for other deployed units.

Kindest Regards,


AB(CIS) RC | HMS Portland

Hello everyone, all I wanted to say was a BIG thank you from me and my team (GURKHAS) all the way from Afghanistan for all the parcels you sent us during the last six months. We all appreciate your help and would like to thank you guys for all those nice Christmas presents. We haven’t got much time left here, just couple of days so again thank you very much for your well wishes.

Thank you and take care.
Spr G

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