Morpeth letters

Dear Corwen Day Nursery,

Thank you for your support through Support Our Soldiers!

Post is sporadic out here but when it does arrive it’s like Christmas day and there’s a buzz around the HQ. It’s a much needed morale boost and greatly appreciated by our service personnel who are a mix of Army, Navy, Royal Marines and Royal Air Force!

I’ll send a letter for the staff and children of Corwen Day Nursery to show how grateful we are… But knowing how slow the post is you’ll probably receive early July.

Thank you from all of us at Joint Force Communication Information Systems (Middle East).

Morpeth 1

Glen & Elaine,

Thank you for your kind gift box. I received it today. I especially enjoyed the curry sauce mix, I will use it the next time the DFAC (Dining Facility)is serving Fish & Chips. However, because Afghanistan is land locked – fish can be hard to come by.

Thank you again for your on-going support to all deployed Soldiers, both here in

Afghanistan and all across the world.

Warmest regards

Captain Javed *****

Hi Glenn & Elaine,  Thanks a lot to you and all members of the SOS Group for the gift boxes and the notes of support that I have had the pleasure of opening and distributing amongst the girls and guys here in HQ RS Kabul. All the boxes arrived safely. We are very proud of you for brightening up our day. You guys are fantastic. We appreciate every bit of the goodies. Once again, thanks a million times and may God bless and replenish you for everything you are spending on us. Have a wonderful time and our warmest regards to you and all the wonderful members of the Group. 

Regards, George

Hi Elaine & Glenn, Just a quick, probably long winded email to thank you guys so much, believe it or not I opened the final box just today with my mucka’s, which coincidently had the letter from you guys in.   If I had of found it earlier I would have emailed with excitement straight away. I know it’s only something small to you, but really it’s not. I’ve received these boxes all over the globe from generous guys like you who take time out your own busy schedules to look after us. Not only have these five boxes gone to the troops, they have fed our Kenyan colleagues which in my eyes are just as much part of the team. Moses, Joyce and Sammy send their thanks. I was showing my Quartermaster (Maj *****) the box (we had left today) and letter. He somehow has contact to this charity from his many tours looking after the blokes too. I`m guessing he used you’re organisation to boost the Moral of his troops at some point, because that’s exactly what it does!

Again Elaine & Glenn thank you ever so much, we really do appreciate your gifts. The excitement of opening a moral box is about as excited as we get out here on our 6 month tour/postings – unless were getting chased by a bull elephant and a pack of hyenas on the exercise area – YES THAT’S HAPPENED!!!). 

Kind Regards Airzi

`Glenn I believe you get “Midds” as a name off the old man Stu!.. Anyways, thank you ever so much for the FIVE boxes of pure moral and physique destroying goodies you’ve sent me!.. I’ve already opened mine and gave two away to close colleagues out here in BATUK “They send their thanks”..

First ‘Englishised’ thing I’ve tasted in months Seriously thanks again.`

Dear Elaine and Glenn

The guys here, especially the junior and younger lads asked me to
pass on their thanks for all you are doing for them.  They cannot
believe what is being sent over and they really appreciate it.

I have split the consignment up into two and have asked the Padre to
take half over to the 2 RIFLES guys in Camp ******** tomorrow, again, I
know they will appreciate it.

We are hoping as a team to watch a DVD tomorrow evening, the only light
relief in the week.  The crisps will be very much appreciated then.

The girls asked me also to say thank you for the hair bands.  Over time
they just fall apart or just get lost so this is really welcome.  The
sewing needles went down well and perhaps repeating that again would be good.   Any chance of a small amount of black or green or tan thread, not a
full reel.

Thinking of you both.



Hello Glenn & Elaine

I came in tonight and was happily surprised to see a box of goodies on my desk. I very much enjoyed munching them down during the night. I would like to introduce myself. I am Mark, 23 and from London and I will be doing a 5 month tour. I have been in the army 2 and a half years. Thank you once again.

Cpl. W****

Hello Glenn & Elaine

Thank you very much for the wonderful box again. Your parcels do help us to keep us motivated, raises our morale high and keeps the lads happy with something to look forward to. It really cheers me up. I would love to hear how your Race Night went. Me and my 3 other friends are doing a 15 mile charity march tomorrow with Danish contingents here in Afghan. Once again, thank you very much and looking forward to hearing from you two.

Yours sincerely S***** G****

Glenn & Elaine

Thank you very much for the welfare box you sent to me. WO ********** kindly passed it onto me. Its tough being away from my family and friends but it makes me feel better when I know people in the UK are thinking of us. My name is Dan and I`ve been in the RAF for 10.1/2 years. This is my 3rd tour. Thank you again for your kindness and generosity.


Glenn & Elaine! I thought I would write a response to your letter. Thank you so much from everyone here for the parcels. They are always appreciated, everyone always has a smile on their faces when they open them. I can`t think of anything we`re desperately in need of right now but any little goodies are always appreciated. We`re a Scottish group at the minute so I know there`s about 12 people here that would perhaps like Irn Bru if that`s possible. Again, thank you.

Best Wishes Pte Louise ****

Hi Glenn & Elaine

Many thanks for the recent boxes, they brought a smile to the lads faces when I passed them out. Hopefully you should have had a few replies from them thanking you all. Speaking with everybody, the boxes you are sending are top notch and if I think of anything that would be useful I`ll let you know. Again many thanks for all the boxes

Kind Regards Brian

Dear Glenn & Elaine

I would like to thank you greatly for your parcel. It is very much appreciated. I shared your parcel with my team and it brought a smile to their faces. With this being my second tour, I just want to say all the welfare packages are amazing and really do help life morale. We all really appreciate the support from back home, especially from nice people like yourselves. Thank you so much.

Pte. D. ***** UK Chef Group


I would like to thank you both for my parcel. I received it today and it has put a huge smile on my face. All the lads got morale boxes today from their families, and I was the only one who didn`t receive mail. The Post NCO gave me this box. I`ve been here for 2 months now and as it`s the winter tour really can`t wait having Christmas and New Year here. Thank you very much again, it`s appreciated.


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