Annie of Lancashire who featured in an earlier News report, having donated 134 parcels to this year’s appeal, has had these messages from Kabul and Afghanistan acknowledging folk’s generosity……’

Just a quick note to say a very sincere thank you from all of the British troops stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan. We have received a number of your parcels in the last few days and despite the very clear instructions not to open them before 25 Dec, I’m afraid some have proved too impatient.  

The soldiers and airmen really appreciate all that the SoS charity does. The 450 or so Brits in the city often jokingly refer to ourselves as the “forgotten five hundred”; all the media attention is focused on Iraq and Syria these days and I’m not convinced that the average member of the public even knows that we are still here helping to train, advise and assist the fledgling Afghan National Defence and Security Forces.

Parcels like yours remind everyone that they are definitely appreciated by those at home which is very comforting, especially to the youngsters who are on their first deployments.

Many thanks again and a very merry Christmas to you!  



“Hello, Thank you for the parcel you sent, it was my first one in 3 months. I’m just reading the letter you sent with it, looks like I’ve got a lot of questions to answer. I see your from Blackburn, I did three years in Blackburn college (I should’ve tried harder at school). Anyway it’s 7pm here in the Falkland Islands and I’ve got to back to work. So I’ll message you again very soon with all the answers to your questions. Many thanks K…….  “

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