September 30th saw the handover of a cheque for £20,000 from SOS to Hounds for Heroes to sponsor our first Assistance Dog for an injured veteran.

With the drawdown of troops from Afghanistan, we had a surplus of funds from donations and fundraising so trustees decided to use the funds prudently by sponsoring a puppy which will be trained and matched with an injured veteran for life, to enhance that veteran’s situation and future prospects.

CEO Agnes Hunter, Trustees Colin Clark, SWO Gareth Davies and AC Nickie Phiipson-Stow, attended ‘Hounds’ HQ in Hampshire to meet the Founder Allen Parton and his dog EJ Jnr and hand over the cheque. They also watched a demonstration of a puppy undergoing training….. though at one point concentration lapsed and he was more interested in conducting an interview with Gareth than the job in hand! ….Shirley from BFBS was also in attendance to cover the story!    

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L to R: Lynda Cain(Trustee – ‘Hounds’) Agnes, Colin, Nickie, Gareth ( SoS)

Centre Allen Parton (Founder – ‘Hounds)with EJ Jr, and a couple of EJs ‘mates’ who assist with training.


We are now raising funds towards the cost of a second puppy so donations and offers to fundraise for SOS will be greatly appreciated.

We are seeking applications for consideration from injured veterans to be partnered with ‘Cadet Harry’ as our puppy has been named (more of which later), but final selection will be conducted by the experts at ‘Hounds for Heroes’

Application Forms and further information on fundraising can be obtained from SOS head office on (07779 762932 or 01292 619876)


Letter from Allen Parton, Founder of ‘Hounds for Heroes:


 1 October 2014

Dear Agnes, fellow trustees and supporters of Support Our Soldiers

On behalf of Hounds for Heroes I would like to express our gratitude for your much appreciated donation of £20000.00 to assist us in our aims of placing assistance dogs with injured veterans and emergency service personnel. We are only spending 10p in the pound on running Hounds, therefore making every penny received and your efforts truly count! To receive the funding we have from the SOS charity allows us to fully fund the life time cost of a future cadet and that without doubt is going to transform the life of one of our injured, disabled and traumatised service personnel.

It was always going to be so difficult when setting up a new charity to raise funds and awareness to purchase our first squadron of cadets (puppies), then a further two years to train our first team of dogs and until then we do not have an end product to show for the work we do. Your support at this stage of the charity’s growth really does send such a positive message to those serving Queen and Country that folk at home really do care about them. At this stage let us assure you that every single penny received makes such a huge impact and difference to our work.

The move of our operations into our training base at Ramsdean, eighteen months ahead of schedule, now allows us to step up our operation to a much more professional and cost effective level. Our very first (cadets) puppies arrived 24 months ago, Juno, Flanders, Yomper, Colonel and Monty and they are now nearing the end of their advanced training. The matching with their human partners now started in earnest….the addition we added was a sixth cadet, Red four, named after the Red arrows pilot, Jon Egging, who lost his life two years ago, arrived in early December 2011. Poppy, Vanguard, Bunker, Sailor, Sultan and Captain of Sqn two are now all on parade and their training progressing extremely well! Our third squadron of six cadets (puppies) arrived next, this all would have not been possible without support such as yours…it is as simple as that. (Merlin, Trooper, Warrior, Sir Bruce and Hermione of sqn 3 now on parade and also progressing extremely well)

Enclosed my poster, where I was the face of the British legion Poppy appeal, which poignantly states there are over 900,000 injured and disabled servicemen and women in the country today. Of 98 married men and women who were injured in the 1991 Gulf War only five marriages have survived today, yet another hidden statistic in the aftermath of war.

My life and that of my family was transformed by the simple unconditional love of a service dog Endal. I will never know what I ever did in my life that justified his devotion to me for 13 wonderful years, I’m even more mystified now as to why little EJ should be faithfully at my side so much like his mentor. The quality of life and independence I experience every single day is amazing yet I am one of a handful of injured and disabled service men that have opted for an assistance dog.

Through the work of Hounds for Heroes we very soon hope to turn that statistic around and that it will soon become very much the norm for one of our dogs to be seen out and about alongside one of our injured heroes. We have a great organisation staffed by serving members of the armed forces, which in its self is fairly humbling but we can’t do it without your help as well. So a real heart felt thank you from someone whose life has been transformed by the love and devotion of a dog and who wants so much for so many others to experience the same through Hounds for Heroes


I am always reminded by my wife to look over my shoulder and remember all those that have made my personal story the success it has been and I include you all in that special group of people.


Warmest regards and best wishes for a very prosperous Year.

Allen Parton Vice Chairman Hounds for Heroes

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